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“At first blush, your expectations are quite low for Daniel G. Harmann’s eleven-song Anthems from the Gentle War; on a label never heard of, ok album design, and the simple fact that very few acts with someone’s name as the moniker are any good. Yet, after you progress past the opening number “I Swallowed Twelve Grenades,” where you think Harmann is just seconds away from launching into generic rock, your whole perception changes. There is no shift to crap and soon enough the six-minute atmospheric “The Trouble Starts” hooks your ear and lowers your pulse to create a simple joy of pleasure. This is Harmann’s fourth album and he shapes songs into a cross of Sigur Ros taking a more indie rock path to songwriting. Joining Harmann on this recording are Forrest Haskell, Brandon Miller, Trent Moorman, Graig Markel, Louis O’Callaghan, Robert Deeble, and Mike Honcho (the porn star from Talladega Nights). Not all of the songs exist as ethereal, atmospheric soundscapes with diversions to more standard song structures, but all provide a mellowing sheen that could easily be reworked to float you into space. Among the fantastic are – well the entire album to be honest. Even spots where you think there will be a downturn, Harmann turns it around and re-envisions the spectacular. Exhibit A is the third track “Beer From a Bottle” that opens as ordinary fare before moving to the compelling chorus that reshapes your imagine of the song. Others that follow suit include the beat-driven “A Dying Dove,” “Every Song is I Need You Tonight,” and “Wrists.” The more instrumental driven atmospheric haunts come courtesy of “I’ve Turned to a Life of Crime,” the uber slow mover “Go Now, Rush Ashore,” the unique riff under “Last Swim of the Year,” and quirky closer “Barnburners.” Finding Daniel G. Harmann is an absolute treasure and hopefully it’s a joy that you’ll spread to others. ” FEBRUARY ’08 ARTIST OF THE MONTH
– Exoduster.com