STRANGER BAND OF THE WEEK 05.22.08 – 05.28.08

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“It’s hard to get ahead in Seattle’s highly saturated pool of singer/songwriters. Rocky Votolato, PWRFL Power, Tiny Vipers, Sera Cahoone—they’re all doing well for themselves. But for each successful acoustically inclined artist, there’s three dozen hopefuls waiting in line. Daniel G. Harmann knows the struggle; he’s been waiting his turn for years. But his new album, Anthems from the Gentle War (his fourth studio release produced by Graig Markel), is his best yet. The songs are bigger, filled with lush strings, chimes, and vocal harmonies. And though its themes are still deeply rooted in the “sad bastard” category, the album’s triumphant guitars and Markel’s sparkling production make it glow with optimism. Harmann might get his day yet.”

– the Stranger, BAND OF THE WEEK 05.22.08 – 05.28.08