Seattle PI – 11.20.08

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WHAT: By himself, Daniel G. Harmann is a folksy troubadour with a delightfully laconic voice and a penchant for heartbreaking melodies. With a band, he’s still a heartbreaker but with a full-bodied, sweeping consonance underlining his bittersweet poetry. The Trouble Starts includes Forrest Haskell (bass), Ozo Jaculewicz (guitar) and Shea Bliss (drums).

SOLO VS. BAND: “I kinda hate playing solo. I love playing with the Trouble Starts,” Harmann says. “When I moved back from Portland in 2006, it took me a long time to start playing shows again, and I think that’s just because I wanted to play with other people, but just didn’t know where to start. I knew a lot of people through music, but getting people — musicians especially — to commit is tough. But Dorkweed had just broken up, and Forrest and Ozo were looking for a home. Then Shea came on board just after that. We’d all been friends since way before we started playing together, and that really helped.”

CAREER DEBUT: “I played in a band in Phoenix called Kendrick, and we did a few shows, but the first time I ever played as Daniel G. Harmann was in December of 2001. … It was at I-Spy. The first show with the current band was in August of 2007 at Cafe Venus.”

INSPIRATION: “For me, it’s kind of like ‘what doesn’t?’ Lyrically, I’m always writing, always writing things down, all day. Sometimes the songs are obvious in their direction, and those are the ones that get written the fastest. But it takes me years to write some songs, and that’s OK. I’m not in any rush.”

NERVES: “As long as we can all hear each other during the first song, and I can hear my vocals OK, then I’m happy, and I can kick back and enjoy it. We’re all really excited about the Goodness show. I think every human has a crush on Carrie Akre.”

RELEASES: “Failures in Motion” (EP, 2001), “The Lake Effect” (LP, 2004), “The Books We Read Will Bury Us” (EP, 2006), “Anthems From the Gentle War” (LP, 2007), as well as a song on the Low Tribute album, “We Could Live in Hope” (2004)

WHERE TO LISTEN: and, where the lullaby “Words” deserves a listen

NEXT SHOW: 9:30 Friday at the Tractor Tavern, 5213 Ballard Ave. N.W., opening for Goodness. Tickets: $12 at the door.

– Shawn Telford | Seattle PI