January 2009 Recovery Room Sessions – Dispatch 1


Tonite we begin tracking three songs for our upcoming EP, to be released on Burning Building Recordings on 05.04.09. We’re recording with Graig Markel at the Recovery Room in Ballard WA, and will be spending the next 36 hours entrenched in a mess of chords & cords.

Recording is probably my favorite part of playing music. There’s a time around 2am when creativity is at maximum for me. Shows are always a blast, but for me, the real thrill comes in the studio. This is also the first time we’ve recorded as a band, where everyone has written their own parts, and we are pretty much sticking to that. Before, it’s been a lot of Graig & I fucking around with the songs I had written on my own. Organic, yes, but not developed until the eleventh hour. This will be a little bit of both.

So please stay tuned. There will be plenty of updates over the next three days, and hopefully I can get a few of the other guys to post to here too.

Now, off to buy beer. It’s on.