Pre-Valentine’s Rock Show! Tomorrow!

Just wanted to let you know that we’re playing tomorrow night at the High Dive in Seattle. It’s the CD release show for our good friends, Sweet Secrets. Our pals Elba are also on the bill. Guaranteed to be a fun night. It would be nice if you and your sweetheart could join us.

Also, we are very excited to have a new EP coming out in May, entitled “Our Arms.” We’ll be playing all of the songs on the EP at tomorrow’s show…

Here’s the rub…

High Dive – 513 N 36th, Seattle WA 98103
9pm – $6 – All Ages
Sweet Secrets
Daniel G. Harmann & the Trouble Starts



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  1. Incidentally, I found out tonight at the show that I am not the only drummer named Shea in Seattle! The drummer for Elba is the shared namesake, and it was a pleasure to meet such a nice fella.

    We shared common stories: how we were named, how many people we’ve meet over the course of our lives with the same name and spelling (few), and how many embarrassing mispronunciations we’ve had to correct.

    Neither of us bother to correct people anymore I think.

    “No not Shane. Shea. Shea, without an ‘N’.” or “Shea, like the stadium.” or “For the last time it’s not “She uh”.

    So, that was pretty cool.

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