– “Risk” Review

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After just one listen, it’s easy to see Daniel G. Harmann & the Trouble Starts shows oodles and oodles of promise.

The band’s new album, Risk, isn’t necessarily a risk, even if the lyrics reflect risky behavior or the desire to take some chances.

Really it’s a beautifully composed album that’s perfect in many ways musically. There’s plenty of airy, sonic landscape without sacrificing any hooks.

There’s a fuzzy shoe-gaze like sound here mixed with the post-rock beauty and flair of bands like God is an Astronaut or Explosions in the Sky. Some songs do sound like pieces by those bands, but with lyrics to go with them.

This is a powerful album that can blow you away without having to feel loud or forced. There isn’t really a single disappointment here.

Risk isn’t a risk. It feels just right.

Grade: 9.5 Golden Eggs