Go211.com – “Risk” Review

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“Although usually a solo artist, on ‘Risk,’ Daniel G. Harmann’s 6th release, he pulled in The Trouble Starts to help him cultivate this disc that was recorded live over 5 days which Harmann describes as ‘big songs you dream about making and playing to lots of people’.

Using vivid imagery, Harmann’s songs here detail personal accounts of hard labor, love for his family, battling demons, as well as several other pivotal topics in his life. A variety of different autobiographical stories are shared, and similarly Harmann and The Trouble Starts play an eclectic style of music that shares many different genres across the rock spectrum.

From gentle guitar strumming to louder, soaring moments, Harmann and company play soothing, gentle folk inspired rock that brings to mind lo-fi moments of Sebadoh or the melodic and fuzzy droning of bands like Sonic Youth. The occasional female backing voice makes this even more delicate, and the buzzing guitars are often only a starting places for building epics layers of melody that erupt into majestic tracks or warm instrumentation and warm harmonies.

As a reference point maybe think the sensibilities of Jeff Buckley crossed with the hauntingness of The Smiths with some Sigur Ros sprinkled on top. Well, even that comparison probably isn’t entirely accurate as Harmann is truly a unique songwriter, encompassing so many varied styles and sounds that even the most educated listener would have a hard time pinpointing this. Though at it’s core it is rock’n’roll disc, it moves from sparse to detailed, loud to soft, and pushes and pull with graceful tension, never staying in one place too long.

An amazing disc here, this needs to be listened to repeatedly to truly be appreciated- one of the years best for sure.”
– Go211.com