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“Went out to Comet last night to see Daniel G. Harmann and the Trouble Starts and was a little blown away with how busy the Capital Hill Club District was. People everywhere, tons of street peddlers, a gigantic dodge ball game at the park and plenty of crazies. We even ran into some friends from Venice, CA and they were a little taken aback by all the action. The Comet was packed and the sweet sounds of DGH were spilling out onto the streets. I squeezed into the bar and made my way to the front.

Daniel was backed by the Trouble Starts, a.k.a. Forest Haskell on bass, Shea Bliss on drums and newest member Kelly Dale on guitar. Harmann’s typically hushed sounds took on new sonic qualities that elevated the songs to more rock territory. Guitarist Kelly Dale created gorgeous washes of sound while Haskell and Bliss provided a solid backbone for Harmann’s terrific songs. Playing the hits from his many great records along with some new ones from the upcoming release “Risk” out Oct. 26th on Burning Building Records.

The Comet erupted at the end of the set with the first notes of the excellent “Last Swim of the Year” and the band launched into a gripping version that was a little like a post hardcore Sigur Ros with bouncing bass, epic guitar swells and haunting melodies throughout. Excellent show!”
– MissingRecords.com