The Audio Perv – “Risk” Review

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“For Risk, his sixth album, Seattle’s Daniel G. Harmann has beefed up his sound with The Trouble Starts. Harmann describes the new album as a collection of ‘Big songs you dream about making and playing to lots of people.’ The album was recorded live over five days at Electrokitty Studios with Long Winters bassist Eric Corson. The band has crafted an album that is difficult to pigeonhole as it lives and breathes at two separate corners only to meet somewhere perfectly in the middle between the elegant and the abrasive. ‘Call it what you will,’ Harmann says, ‘but at its core, its rock and roll. It’s dirty and imperfect. It’s quiet and loud.’ On Risk, Harmann and his band have created an intriguing collection of working class art rock with a full, sweeping sound leaving the pretense firmly at the door.”
– The Audio Perv