Washed Up Emo – “Risk” Review / BEST NEW BAND

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“If I’m wrong about this then tell me but I declare the ‘scene’ has a new genre. Old Core. Old Core is when you are in your upper 20s and early 30s and done with the hardcore/post shows and purposely closed your eyes during the mid 2000 hell on earth Bamboozle shit show, waiting for it to blow over. Congrats, we made it through. Our reward as we arrive in 2010/2011 is a byproduct of the love of indie/british music as our tastes expand in addition to not forgetting the knowledge of the old days waiting outside Emo’s to see Mineral or Lifetime. The young lads with their newer bands of course are here and studied deep but keep it aggressive and screamy. You are older, wiser and Old Core is the combination of those two worlds. It has moments of complete silence and bounds into surreal soundscapes. It then takes it to another level with notes that still are in your head on your commute home from work. The days of Snow Patrol, Longwave or Doves we didn’t care about during The Get Up Kids reign is now in play. You have been biding your time patiently and combined them into a new genre without even knowing. For some crazy reason, this fits. Old is new again and couldn’t have sounded any more genuine.

One such band that I personally feel takes those two sides with effortless ease is Daniel G. Harmann & The Trouble Starts. I knew absolutely nothing about Daniel before the album Risk hit my inbox but soon after I was scouring the earth for everything. My goal was to figure out how such a simple but unique combination came from. All I figured out was that I love this album and simply it’s an honest album that dares to jump into genres and moods with trust that you do too. The album, entitled Risk, brings in The Trouble Starts to give Daniel’s solo work a few more pieces which succeeds on many levels. Half way through the album we are greeted with our first great rise of emotion with ‘Knob Creek Neat’ and its Sigur Ros guitar work plastering a feeling of complete bliss over the ears. Daniel’s voice knows when to take the lead and carry a song as with ‘Dee’ and then sits back and lets the song takeover for the best ending to a song I have heard all year. Couple other tracks from the album not to miss are ‘Brass Tacks’ and ‘The Horse & The Sistine Chapel.’

Have I given you at least a few reasons by now to be listening along reading this? There is no way I can pigeonhole this album to you but to say, buy it and if you at all relate to these past adventures in sound, you are in for a treat that either side of the Atlantic will enjoy. Old or new.”
– Pierre Wentz, WashedUpEmo.com