The Sound of Confusion – “East” Review

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This latest EP from Seattle veterans The Trouble Starts is a multi-faceted compilation. Generally falling under the indie-rock banner, they begin with the release’s focal point, ‘Glaciers’. Combining some J Mascis guitars with a host of other alt-rock heroes’ influences, it’s a good choice for an opener, being an immediate attention-grabber. The backing vocals give it some of the currently popular blue-collar, US rock vibe which also works well and the extended ending comes as a welcome surprise too. They embrace that aforementioned vibe a little more on ‘I Am Black Waves’ which lays on a few “whoa-oh-ohs” that could be from The Boss himself; it’s another song built to a high standard.

Across six tracks you’d need to include variation to a certain degree, and this is delivered with ‘The Doors Lock From The Inside’ which begins at a slower pace but is no less powerful and employs more of those guitars and a great build-up. To further broaden their horizons, they use their trademark sound for ‘Family Rifles’ but give it just a touch of punk spirit so it makes for a slightly more cutting track and an EP highlight. That said, if we had to pick the best song here, then there’s a very strong argument for it being ‘Kendrick’, breathless US alt-rock at its best. For the finale of what is a rock-solid EP, The Trouble Starts have also gone for a typically great track: ‘Golden Silver’, a song that mixes post-grunge with more modern influences and it’s a fine way to end a fine release.