La fin.


The final Trouble Starts show was Wednesday, February 26th, at Barboza. It’s with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye. The last seven years playing in this band has meant everything to me, but it’s time.

With that, I would like to say thank you to everyone that ever came to a show, listened to our records, let us crash on their floor, or shared a drink with us.

Thank you and love to Brian Jackson. Your inspiration & guidance knows no bounds, and I will forever be in your debt.

And finally, the deepest of thank yous to Shea Bliss, Kenny Darling, Aaron Starkey, Kelly Dale, Forrest Haskell, & Ozo Jaculewicz. Your commitment to this band, the music I brought to it, & the music that we made together means more to me than I will ever know how to express. You all know that I am a man of few words. I can only hope that you loved your time by my side, as much as I cherished having you there. The personal, financial, & familial sacrifices that you made in order to be in this band can only ever be understood by someone IN a band. I love every one of you.

I encourage all of you to check out & support everyone’s individual projects, which we will continue to work on & nourish.

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This site will remain the home for any DGH solo work, as well as for any posthumous Trouble Starts reviews, videos, or anything else I feel like sharing.

And that is all I have the energy to say right now. Please come to the show on Wednesday. We promise to leave some blood up there for you.