The Sound of Confusion – “West” Preview

Following their EP ‘East’ from last year, Seattle group The Trouble Starts are continuing their way around the globe with the aptly-titled follow-up ‘WEST’. For those of you who missed out on their post-rock influenced majesty before, then this teasing little glimpse into their world should have you wanting to investigate further. Check out ‘Faulkner’. – “East” Review

An early ’90s alt-rock affair opens up this EP (EAST), and from there you get shards of grunge, punk, garage rock and modern day indie-rock from the Seattle luminaries. Guitar driven rock at its finest, the songs are introspective, detailed, sonically charged, and also contain a near post-rock beauty… At six tracks, this ends entirely… Continue reading – “East” Review

Seattle Met Magazine – “East” Review (Album of the Month)

There’s confidence and then there’s opening an album with an extended guitar solo confidence. The latter reeks of false bravado, but Seattle’s the Trouble Starts manages to pull it off without coming off as insufferable on East, the group’s new EP. In fact, a sense of subtlety pervades across the six songs and their mixed palate… Continue reading Seattle Met Magazine – “East” Review (Album of the Month)

Joy of Violent Movement – “East” Review

“Glaciers,” the first single off the new effort (EAST), is a great example of power pop-influenced rock that bears a slight resemblance to Brand New and quite a few others but more anthemic. I can picture kids shouting along to the vocalist, Daniel G. Harmann in a sweaty, downtown club.

New Noise Magazine – “East” Review

Our Seattle heroes (THE TROUBLE STARTS) start off with ’90s alt-rock guitars that channels the best moments of Dinosaur Jr., but then dips into cautious, moody almost early Radiohead territory. Further on things get less charged but the balance of power and melody is still intact with nice segues into their post-punk influences that also… Continue reading New Noise Magazine – “East” Review

Seattle Weekly – “East” Review

This tuneful indie-rock four-piece (THE TROUBLE STARTS), led by Daniel G. Harmann, with roots in guitar bands like Built to Spill more than in the retro-folk of Fleet Foxes, could just as easily be from London as from Seattle—combining hooks with melancholy, like Mark Kozelek fronting Snow Patrol. Call it rock music for grey skies.

The Sound of Confusion – “East” Review

This latest EP from Seattle veterans The Trouble Starts is a multi-faceted compilation. Generally falling under the indie-rock banner, they begin with the release’s focal point, ‘Glaciers’. Combining some J Mascis guitars with a host of other alt-rock heroes’ influences, it’s a good choice for an opener, being an immediate attention-grabber. The backing vocals give… Continue reading The Sound of Confusion – “East” Review

JP’s Music Blog – “East” Review

As the Seattle area is the birthplace of grunge music, The Trouble Starts incorporates some of that raw, powerful guitar energy into their new album (EAST), beginning with “Glaciers” …a polished, garage rock sound like Radiohead, without all the experimentation. The Trouble Starts has a great straight-up rock sound with a hint of British punk… Continue reading JP’s Music Blog – “East” Review