Payola Campaign!

I am SO excited to record my new record next month with Brandon Eggleston in Portland. I’m teaming up with to make it happen! Here’s how you can help (and score some REALLY cool schwag, in the process…) AND, if you pledge before July 22, an anonymous donor will match your pledge! THANK… Read more »

La fin.

The final Trouble Starts show was Wednesday, February 26th, at Barboza. It’s with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye. The last seven years playing in this band has meant everything to me, but it’s time. With that, I would like to say thank you to everyone that ever came to a show, listened… Read more »

The Sound of Confusion – “West” Preview

Following their EP ‘East’ from last year, Seattle group The Trouble Starts are continuing their way around the globe with the aptly-titled follow-up ‘WEST’. For those of you who missed out on their post-rock influenced majesty before, then this teasing little glimpse into their world should have you wanting to investigate further. Check out ‘Faulkner’.

JP’s Music Blog – “West” Review

The Trouble Starts, a post-punk band from Seattle, returns with part two of their planned two EP release. Having released part 1, “East” back in August of 2013 they will be releasing part two entitled “West” on February 25th, putting six months between releases. Beginning with “Faulkner” the five-song EP gets off to a roaring… Read more »

WEST Available to stream!

Out February 25th, West is the final chapter of our Frontiers story. The entire record is available to stream immediately, & you can also download the first single, Bird in the Water, for free for the next two weeks. Please stay tuned for info regarding our release show, & much, much more. Thank you for… Read more » – “East” Review

An early ’90s alt-rock affair opens up this EP (EAST), and from there you get shards of grunge, punk, garage rock and modern day indie-rock from the Seattle luminaries. Guitar driven rock at its finest, the songs are introspective, detailed, sonically charged, and also contain a near post-rock beauty… At six tracks, this ends entirely… Read more »

Seattle Met Magazine – “East” Review (Album of the Month)

There’s confidence and then there’s opening an album with an extended guitar solo confidence. The latter reeks of false bravado, but Seattle’s the Trouble Starts manages to pull it off without coming off as insufferable on East, the group’s new EP. In fact, a sense of subtlety pervades across the six songs and their mixed palate… Read more »

Joy of Violent Movement – “East” Review

“Glaciers,” the first single off the new effort (EAST), is a great example of power pop-influenced rock that bears a slight resemblance to Brand New and quite a few others but more anthemic. I can picture kids shouting along to the vocalist, Daniel G. Harmann in a sweaty, downtown club.

New Noise Magazine – “East” Review

Our Seattle heroes (THE TROUBLE STARTS) start off with ’90s alt-rock guitars that channels the best moments of Dinosaur Jr., but then dips into cautious, moody almost early Radiohead territory. Further on things get less charged but the balance of power and melody is still intact with nice segues into their post-punk influences that also… Read more »

Seattle Weekly – “East” Review

This tuneful indie-rock four-piece (THE TROUBLE STARTS), led by Daniel G. Harmann, with roots in guitar bands like Built to Spill more than in the retro-folk of Fleet Foxes, could just as easily be from London as from Seattle—combining hooks with melancholy, like Mark Kozelek fronting Snow Patrol. Call it rock music for grey skies.

The Sound of Confusion – “East” Review

This latest EP from Seattle veterans The Trouble Starts is a multi-faceted compilation. Generally falling under the indie-rock banner, they begin with the release’s focal point, ‘Glaciers’. Combining some J Mascis guitars with a host of other alt-rock heroes’ influences, it’s a good choice for an opener, being an immediate attention-grabber. The backing vocals give… Read more »

JP’s Music Blog – “East” Review

As the Seattle area is the birthplace of grunge music, The Trouble Starts incorporates some of that raw, powerful guitar energy into their new album (EAST), beginning with “Glaciers” …a polished, garage rock sound like Radiohead, without all the experimentation. The Trouble Starts has a great straight-up rock sound with a hint of British punk… Read more »

Glaciers :: SotD on KEXP!

Big news! Glaciers is Song of the Day on KEXP! To celebrate, you can now stream EAST in its entirety, as well as purchase Glaciers for only a BUCK thru our Bandcamp page. Sweet, eh? Again, the whole album will be out August 13th! Here’s a link to the Song of the Day Podcast: Glaciers… Read more »

Saturday :: Firehose :: Neumos

Yes. We’re playing with fIREHOSE this Saturday at Neumos in Seattle. We can all die happy now. As you were.

Duraning, Writing, Etc.

We’re slow to update around DGH headquarters, but we’re here to assure you, we’ve been busy. Laying low throughout the winter, playing some Duran Duran songs, and working on writing the new record. We’re also playing this Friday, February 24th at Columbia City Theater. And that’s it for awhile. Back to the lab…

This Friday at City Arts Fest!

We’re playing at Nuemos this coming Friday, 10.21.11, as part of City Arts Fest. We play at 9pm, & would love to see you there! Check out the Facebook Event for details, HERE.

Upcoming Shows!

Hey there! After a hugely successful UK tour, we’re playing a few select shows this summer, then re-emerging in September, with new members, & new surprises… Hope to see you soon!

Estrella Video

Check out our brand new video for Estrella, directed by Jeremiah Gibbons, & edited by Parker Bleu. Hit it!

Spring Sale!

For the month of April ONLY, you can download every Daniel G. Harmann solo record, for only $3.99 each. Happy spring! Hit It!.

Being Human Clip

In case you missed last week’s episode of Being Human, here’s a clip that features our song, “Solidarity.” We roll in around the 12 minute mark. Check it HERE.

England/Scotland Summer Tour!

In the midst of booking a solo/acoustic tour of England & Scotland for May & June. Can’t WAIT to get over there & play with I Build Collapsible Mountains, Jimmy Islip, Clockwork Radio, & the Spring Offensive. More details soon… (!!!)

April Tour Dates!

Check out our SHOWS page for a full list of upcoming shows & tour dates!

Aiding & Abetting – “Risk” Review

“Harmann sometimes sounds like he’s throwing his vocals from some ethereal fog. But his music makes that work. This jumble of indie rock attitude and tight craftsmanship is quite appealing. There is still a piece of me that wishes he’d put a little more oomph in the singing, but the muscular lines in the songs… Read more »

Washed Up Emo – “Risk” Review / BEST NEW BAND

“If I’m wrong about this then tell me but I declare the ‘scene’ has a new genre. Old Core. Old Core is when you are in your upper 20s and early 30s and done with the hardcore/post shows and purposely closed your eyes during the mid 2000 hell on earth Bamboozle shit show, waiting for… Read more »

Cosmos Gaming – “Risk” Review

“Seattle’s Daniel G. Harmann may primarily be a solo artist, but in recent years he has decided to expand his sound a bit and work with a full band. His backing band, called The Trouble Starts, provide a much fuller sound than before and enhance the mixture of styles that Harmann has chosen to utilize…. Read more »

The Punk Site – “Risk” Review

“Daniel G. Harmann & The Trouble Starts is the result of collaboration between long time soloist Dan Harmann and his new supporting band, The Trouble Starts. Unbeknown to me, Mr. Harmann has been around for a while now, with his latest album, Risk, serving as his sixth studio effort. He fits somewhere in the realm… Read more »

Picasso Blue – “Risk” Review

“On his sixth (!!!) album, Daniel G. Harmann took a few stylistic chances, most of which pay off. With an album title so on-the-nose it’s almost ridiculous, Risk finds the singer/songwriter backed by the Trouble Starts, who add a slight influx of muscle to his melancholy tunes. The songs are still ethereal and folky in… Read more » – “Risk” Review

The 6th album from Daniel G. Harmann & co. is a first-rate set of moody indie-pop with rumbling, atmospheric guitar lines that explode into crunchy, rangy solos combined with soft, wispy vocals and a variety of catchy pop hooks. – Don Yates, – “Risk” Review

After just one listen, it’s easy to see Daniel G. Harmann & the Trouble Starts shows oodles and oodles of promise. The band’s new album, Risk, isn’t necessarily a risk, even if the lyrics reflect risky behavior or the desire to take some chances. Really it’s a beautifully composed album that’s perfect in many ways… Read more »

City Arts Magazine – “Risk” Review/Show Preview

“What started out so long ago as the solo voice our community termed ‘rainy-day makeout music’ has grown into a four person band that has managed to take those heartbreaking songs and give them the context of a vast soundscape of buzzing guitars and rumbling drums. The band will be celebrating its upcoming debut, Risk,… Read more » – “Risk” Review

“Although usually a solo artist, on ‘Risk,’ Daniel G. Harmann’s 6th release, he pulled in The Trouble Starts to help him cultivate this disc that was recorded live over 5 days which Harmann describes as ‘big songs you dream about making and playing to lots of people’. Using vivid imagery, Harmann’s songs here detail personal… Read more »

Pure Grain Audio – “Risk” Review

“The band has crafted an album (RISK) that is difficult to pigeonhole as it lives and breathes at two separate corners only to meet somewhere perfectly in the middle between the elegant and the abrasive… On ‘Risk’, Harmann and his band have created an intriguing collection of working class art rock with a full, sweeping… Read more » – Show Review

“Went out to Comet last night to see Daniel G. Harmann and the Trouble Starts and was a little blown away with how busy the Capital Hill Club District was. People everywhere, tons of street peddlers, a gigantic dodge ball game at the park and plenty of crazies. We even ran into some friends from… Read more »

The Audio Perv – “Risk” Review

“For Risk, his sixth album, Seattle’s Daniel G. Harmann has beefed up his sound with The Trouble Starts. Harmann describes the new album as a collection of ‘Big songs you dream about making and playing to lots of people.’ The album was recorded live over five days at Electrokitty Studios with Long Winters bassist Eric… Read more »

City Arts Fest

Don’t forget to grab your tickets for our show October 21st at City Arts Fest w/ Phosphorescent & People Eating People. This is going to be amazing. CHECK IT!

Risk Pre-Order!

Our new record, “Risk” is officially out later this month on 10.26. However, we’re offering a pre-order starting TODAY with a free instant download of the record. You’ll receive the CD on release day but you can enjoy the MP3’s well before! GET IT HERE!

Digital Sale!

For one month only, download any Daniel G. Harmann solo release for only $3.99! Here!

CD Sale!

For two weeks only, you can grab either the 2004 DGH release “the Lake Effect” or the 2007 release “Anthems…” for $7.99 each! GO!

Thursday at Neumos!

We’re playing this Thursday at Neumos in Seattle. We’re celebrating the release Post Harbor’s new record, “They Can’t Hurt You if You Don’t Believe In Them” – & let me tell you… You don’t want to miss it. Not only is their new record AMAZING, but they are mindblowing live, & this is a killer… Read more » – “Our Arms” Review

“Daniel G. Harmann’s Our Arms has been kicking around my iTunes far too long without a review. I sat down to listen to it so I could review it, and I realized that I’ve already been listening to it. The three songs on this EP have been through my shuffle, at the end of DGH’s… Read more »

Albums of the Decade :: Please Vote

Two of my records, 2007’s Anthems from the Gentle War & 2004’s the Lake Effect, are hoping that they get your vote as one of KEXP’s Top Albums of the Decade. You can vote for up to five releases, & the list is long, so take a walk down memory lane. (And please give me… Read more »


Big, BIG thanks to Kris at K-Create for writing a plug in that now allows you to read the lyrics to every DGH song. Simply click the RELEASES page, and select the song you want, under the lyrics column. Wahlah. Magics.


I know it’s been awhile since we’ve sent out a newsy note, so being that we have a lot of news, I deemed it appropriate…

Robert Deeble – Clowned

Please take a second to check out this awesome video that documents an insane night that Robert Deeble & I shared on tour in 2004.

(It’s all true)

Here You Go!

MF Magzine

Here’s an interview that I did in 2005 for Music & Fashion Magazine. It looks like they just launched their site, and added it to their web content. Pretty hilarious stuff… HERE. If you like it, please gimme a HEART.

“Dee” Video

Please check out the video for our song “Dee” – animated & directed by the incredible Anton Bogaty. (Click READ MORE to view…)

the Stranger – Band of the Week / Our Arms Review

“Daniel G. Harmann’s newest release, the “Our Arms EP”, finds the stalwart Seattle musician expanding and further electrifying his beautiful downer ballads with the help of his band, the Trouble Starts. In the past, Harmann has sometimes played things lo-fi and spare, and while his foggy singing and his sad songs certainly don’t suffer from… Read more »

Mars Bar! Tomorrow Nite!

We’d be honored if you joined us tomorrow night, Saturday, June 13, at Cafe Venus & the Mars Bar. We’re celebrating the release of our new EP, ‘Our Arms’ – this will be your last chance to grab a free copy!We’re honored to be playing with two of our favorite Seattle bands, the Sea Navy… Read more »

RIP, Jeff Hanson

You were a beautiful soul to anyone who ever knew you. Rest in peace, brother. You are missed.

“Our Arms” Acoustic Release Show Tomorrow!

We’re hoping that you join us tomorrow night, 05.12.09 at the Fremont Abbey in Seattle, to celebrate the release of our new EP, “Our Arms.” We’ll be playing stripped down versions of all of the songs on the new record, and a few more… Also performing songs, are Shelby Earl, & Eric Anderson from Cataldo…. Read more »

Live on KEXP Tonite!

Just a heads up that we’re playing live tonight, May 9th, at 8pm Seattle time, on, or 90.3FM if you’re in the Seattle area. We’ll be playing four new songs, including the three that are on our new EP, “Our Arms,” which will be available in iTunes, Amazon and other online/digital retailers on May… Read more »

Our Arms

We’re super excited to announce the release of our new three song EP, “Our Arms,” which will be available in iTunes, Amazon and other online/digital retailers on May 12th, courtesy of Burning Building Recordings. Because most of us now get and listen to our music digitally we are excited to be offering the FREE version… Read more »

Sunset! Tonite!

Please join us tonight at the Sunset in Ballard. We’re playing with Peter Parker, Bicycle & Star Lake Drownings. Holy shit, right?!

Pre-Valentine’s Rock Show! Tomorrow!

Just wanted to let you know that we’re playing tomorrow night at the High Dive in Seattle. It’s the CD release show for our good friends, Sweet Secrets. Our pals Elba are also on the bill. Guaranteed to be a fun night. It would be nice if you and your sweetheart could join us. Also,… Read more »

01 30 ’09, mars and venus collide

From My Perspective: Before the show I regrettably made faces at Forrest’s mound of Nachos.  At the time they looked most disgusting.  After the fact, I wish I had some right now. Our first show less than a week after a three day recording jag. All in all it was a good show, and quite… Read more »

January 2009 Recovery Room Sessions – Dispatch 3

My first post is late, late, late. Friday night we recorded drums at a blistering pace and they sound b-u-t-ful. I missed all of Saturday due to a bad sandwich and apparently too much beer. What an awful 24 hours that was. Sunday is cold as hell, but despite the chill we are growing close… Read more »

January 2009 Recovery Room Sessions – Dispatch 2

Wow. Lots and lots and lots has been accomplished since 6pm last night. All of Shea’s drum tracks, Forrest’s bass tracks & my guitars & vocals are totally done. Tomorrow, all we have to do is Ozo’s guitar, backup vocals, and maybe some keyboard/guitar/hand claps. But I’m really amazed at how quickly everything is getting… Read more »

January 2009 Recovery Room Sessions – Dispatch 1

Tonite we begin tracking three songs for our upcoming EP, to be released on Burning Building Recordings on 05.04.09. We’re recording with Graig Markel at the Recovery Room in Ballard WA, and will be spending the next 36 hours entrenched in a mess of chords & cords. Recording is probably my favorite part of playing… Read more »

Burning Building Recordings

Welcome to the first *official* news item posted to V2.0. Big thanks to Kris Hedstrom at K-Create for making it happen. Please take a few minutes to explore. The site is highly interactive, and you can comment on almost anything you see… We’re happy to tell you that we’ve joined forces with Burning Building… Read more »

Seattle PI – 11.20.08

WHAT: By himself, Daniel G. Harmann is a folksy troubadour with a delightfully laconic voice and a penchant for heartbreaking melodies. With a band, he’s still a heartbreaker but with a full-bodied, sweeping consonance underlining his bittersweet poetry. The Trouble Starts includes Forrest Haskell (bass), Ozo Jaculewicz (guitar) and Shea Bliss (drums). SOLO VS. BAND:… Read more »

the Stranger Show Review for 09.06.08 at the Tractor Tavern

“What freezes you about Daniel G. Harmann’s music is the expanse. A quietly loud expanse. It scans across a highway bridge at night. Someone driving realizes the perfectness of hands. Harmann cuts from quiet and clean to loud and distorted with a crafted sense of timing. When he gets loud, it’s more a movement to… Read more »

STRANGER BAND OF THE WEEK 05.22.08 – 05.28.08

“It’s hard to get ahead in Seattle’s highly saturated pool of singer/songwriters. Rocky Votolato, PWRFL Power, Tiny Vipers, Sera Cahoone—they’re all doing well for themselves. But for each successful acoustically inclined artist, there’s three dozen hopefuls waiting in line. Daniel G. Harmann knows the struggle; he’s been waiting his turn for years. But his new… Read more »

Pela/DGH Tix on Sale!

Just a quickie to let you know that you can now buy tickets for our show with Pela, at the Tractor Tavern on May 25th. I’d recommend getting them as soon as you can, because this show will most likely sell out. Pela rule, and they’re playing Sasquatch the next day. Here’s the link: Smelliott!… Read more »

KEXP Review

“Over the last several years and releases, Daniel G. Harmann has collaborated with many fine musicians including Head Like A Kite’s Trent Moorman and beloved songstress Rosie Thomas to name a few. There are few signs more indicative of talent than bringing in other talent. Most striking is Harmann’s sweet falsetto and backing melodies, which… Read more » Band of the Month

“At first blush, your expectations are quite low for Daniel G. Harmann’s eleven-song Anthems from the Gentle War; on a label never heard of, ok album design, and the simple fact that very few acts with someone’s name as the moniker are any good. Yet, after you progress past the opening number “I Swallowed Twelve… Read more »

Sound Magazine – November 2007

“The second full-length release from Phoenix native & current Seattleite Daniel G. Harmann goes on to follow the same blueprint that he has followed his entire career: just be patient, and good things will happen eventually. They do, as is made clear on “A Dying Dove”, which recalls Radiohead, if that band were willing to… Read more »

The Wheel’s Still in Spin – “Anthems…” Review

“This album is full of musical landscapes that are lush, sincere, and diverse. He’s a singer-songwriter, but one who writes songs with a larger palette of emotions than most songwriters. This is the kind of album that would be perfect to listen to if you were taking a relaxing drive around the countryside, wanting to… Read more » – “Anthems…” Review

“Beautifully woven atmospheres and crafty textures of sonic bliss greet the ear immediately as Anthems from the Gentle War waves its way over your body, lending a sensation not much unlike the best orgasm ever. Art rock that is unafraid of taking challenges to heart, “Anthems…” escorts you through the hallways of indie pop, rock,… Read more »

Independent Clauses – “Anthems…” Review

“Stuffing Daniel G. Harmann into the emo/indie genre would be a slap in the face to this compassionate artist. Just as heartfelt as rhythms from New Order, Daniel G. Harmann is a solo man that makes his music out of pure honesty. Harmann’s voice quivers with the melodies of his songs. In “A Dying Dove”… Read more » – “Anthems…” Review

“The problem is getting past the first impressions — the plodding monotonous rhythms (a la Red House Painters), the mossy falsetto that becomes easy to ignore after the first few songs, the chiming, echo-filled guitars that show an adoration for shoe-gazers. It’d be easy to discard it as not tuneful enough, but downbeat hey-look-at-me anthems… Read more »

Aiding & Abetting – “Anthems…” Review

“Ambitious rock and roll. Harmann has a fine sense of melody, and part of that sense is to emphasize melody over rhythm. His guitar lines, in particular, ring out with almost impossible clarity. His traditional songwriting style (anthemic; that part of the title isn’t ironic) probably informs that part of the mix, but it’s effective… Read more »

Seattle PI – “Anthems…” Review

“This is a lovely, lilting record, but to call them songs isn’t accurate. For his fourth studio album, Seattleite Daniel G. Harmann has crafted nine lush dreamscapes that plod along in a slow and midtempo trance. Track to track, the playbook doesn’t change much: twinkling guitars, melancholy minor chords, distant vocals that — regardless of… Read more »

Line Out – “Anthems…” Review

“Daniel G. Harmann’s songs drift and ache, sad but uplifting. I’d say they’re brave, but they’re more subdued than that. Feels like fall. His latest release, Anthems from the Gentle War, came out September 4th and was recorded at Recovery Room Studio in Greenwood. If the Cure were from the South, they’d sound like Harmann…. Read more »

Three Imaginary Girls – “the Lake Effect” Review

“Sometimes pathos is unbridled and relentless, something dangerous and out of control that scares us. Try as we might to look away, we can’t. Other times it’s fragile, something slow and soft that breaks us more like a virus and less like a hurricane. Over the past week, I’ve been listening to the Lake Effect… Read more » – “the Lake Effect” Review

“The clouds on the cover of Daniel’s second full length say it all: this is a thoughtful album of delicate melancholy. Each of the ten songs is a portrait of intimacy as DGH croons his personal observations and notes on life/living taken from the pages of his heart. To flush out the sound, Daniel enlisted… Read more »

Delusions of Adequacy – “the Lake Effect” Review

“I think it’s fall. I think it’s sweater weather, even though its on the cusp of 70 degrees right now. I think its one of those days where I should lock myself in my room and gaze out the window at leaves falling from the trees. I listen to Daniel G. Harmann’s The Lake Effect,… Read more »

Aiding & Abetting – “the Lake Effect” Review

“Big music–you know, crashing chords, warped string arrangements, breathy vocals, etc. This could be pretentious and dull, but Harmann’s energy is unflagging. He never fails to give a song the last bit of gas in his tank, and that’s what sells this for me.” – Aiding & Abetting

the Oregonian – “the Lake Effect” Review

“…Brimming with wistful songs that address disappointments and farewells… Harmann writes wonderful songs where aching melody and minimalist structure provide a sturdy platform for his plaintive voice. At times Harmann’s vocals recall a young Art Garfunkel or the late Elliott Smith.” – the Oregonian – “the Lake Effect” Review

“The Lake Effect grabs a lock of your hair and teases you willingly through the lush valleys of sonic bliss with its atmospheric soundscapes. Not often does an album waltz through and demand to be noticed in such a subtle way… Indeed [it] will ripple through you and unlike a skipping stone won’t eventually sink… Read more »

KEXP – “Failures in Motion” Review

“Seattle shoegazer Daniel G. Harmann waxes sentimental over simple acoustic rock guitar. Backed by cinematic keyboard hazes and lullabies, this plaintive, high-pitched singer measures pitfalls while hanging onto a thread of hope.” – Michele Myers, KEXP

Sup Magazine – “Failures in Motion” Review

“There’s a lot to be said about self indulgent music. It’s honest. It’s unpretentious. It’s appealing to the ears, mind and soul. Daniel G. Harmann recorded his solo debut of a musical diary in quite an impressive manor. Beautiful, simple, powerful. Based around himself and a guitar, these songs have minimalist lyrics and structure. There… Read more »