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Archives: January, 2009

  • 01 30 ’09, mars and venus collide

    From My Perspective: Before the show I regrettably made faces at Forrest’s mound of Nachos.  At the time they looked most disgusting.  After the fact, I wish I had some right now. Our first show less than a week after a three day recording jag. All in all it was a good show, and quite […]

  • January 2009 Recovery Room Sessions – Dispatch 3

    My first post is late, late, late. Friday night we recorded drums at a blistering pace and they sound b-u-t-ful. I missed all of Saturday due to a bad sandwich and apparently too much beer. What an awful 24 hours that was. Sunday is cold as hell, but despite the chill we are growing close […]

  • January 2009 Recovery Room Sessions – Dispatch 2

    Wow. Lots and lots and lots has been accomplished since 6pm last night. All of Shea’s drum tracks, Forrest’s bass tracks & my guitars & vocals are totally done. Tomorrow, all we have to do is Ozo’s guitar, backup vocals, and maybe some keyboard/guitar/hand claps. But I’m really amazed at how quickly everything is getting […]

  • January 2009 Recovery Room Sessions – Dispatch 1

    Tonite we begin tracking three songs for our upcoming EP, to be released on Burning Building Recordings on 05.04.09. We’re recording with Graig Markel at the Recovery Room in Ballard WA, and will be spending the next 36 hours entrenched in a mess of chords & cords. Recording is probably my favorite part of playing […]

  • Burning Building Recordings

    Welcome to the first *official* news item posted to HelloTower.com V2.0. Big thanks to Kris Hedstrom at K-Create for making it happen. Please take a few minutes to explore. The site is highly interactive, and you can comment on almost anything you see… We’re happy to tell you that we’ve joined forces with Burning Building […]