Daniel G. Harmann


Failures in Motion
01Chino Hillsmp3

Soft and suddenly I awoke you'll believe what you want in this desert life all is lost back to the seaside for us all felt the weight of you on our drive telling truths only known to your eyes seeing families grow our friends die new life is here so am I.

02Recovering Justin Grey

You leave me so cold inside cold to me is the greatest part fairweather friend you leave me cold again fairweather friend I'll follow you home I know who I am do you know who you are we're trying to be something we're not.


Set your clothes on fire before you're through with them set your clothes on fire before you're through don't wait one more day death falls fast around here these days set your sights towards the stars you're not the only one know you're not alone all these years aren't wasted look what we've become don't wait one more day death falls fast around here these days.

04the Wiser Generation

You said you'd tell me your story as soon as I grow up as soon as you know me now it's time to tell me your story now that I've grow up and now that you know me.

05Like Light

As I wake to hear you breathe like light through my blinds I'll wait and dream tonight.

About Failures in Motion

Recorded & Produced in September 2001 by Graig Markel at the Recovery Room in Seattle WA.

Played by Daniel G. Harmann, Graig Markel & Corianton Hale.

Mixed & Mastered by Graig Markel.

Layout & design by Corianton Hale.


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