Daniel G. Harmann


Our Arms
01I Became the Ground

I am in it now not scratching the surface but pulling out the bone.


On the morning your soul left your body I was lying in the arms of someone temporary you were singing the sweetest voice was singing I was listening to my mother's tired heart at last rejoicing sing now.

03Knob Creek Neat

By the time you come around I'll be gone I'm halfway there now the demons went to bed years ago but they're waking up now the streets are lined with windows and eyes and mine are blind and coated with ice and I can't even go home the place I know I'm dying slow.

About Our Arms

Recorded January 2009 in the Recovery Room by Graig Markel.

Written & played by Daniel G. Harmann, Forrest Haskell, Ozo Jaculewicz, & Shea Bliss. Additional vocals by Graig Markel.

Layout & Design by Brian Jackson.


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