Daniel G. Harmann


01We Are Professionals

We drag ourselves with tired eyes to bed and work and then back home sacrificing our blood & arms for blinking lights & Roanoke It's always feast or famine in my glass or in my bed flashing signs that scream the time we never see home in the daylight this ain't everything (but it's harder than we thought) A rabbit hiding from the cold at the very first sign of snow slicing skin and crushing bone we're passing out still in our clothes and you are finally moving on see the land and swim to shore this is all that I'll ever know I promise angel I won't let go.


Bruce I heard you've never worked a day in your life that's alright honestly neither have I go ask my father go ask his tired hands look into his sleepy eyes it's always clear just where he stands and I know that they pushed him away in that cold winter of Seven and Three Nebraska's a much colder place than they ever planned for it to be gangly arms and barrel chest a forehead that stretches past our ears when I look at him I start to see the eyes of truth the hands of peace the modest ones are the strongest ones and something we all work to be and I know that they pushed you away In that cold winter of Seven and Three Nebraska's a much colder place than you ever planned for it to be but the workers deserve just as much deserve just as much as you and me there's always work to be done melting NE saving AZ.

03Brass Tacks

Stand and salute we slip right out of town while the names of the slaughtered mount we are the Jackson Fucking Five we are staying alive and we will never die stand up for the first time in your life we killed it you sold it they bought it you won't say we were once proud.

04the Horse & the Sistine Chapel

You tell yourself it’s for the good of the family you’re on a shelf and polished daily this house will burn we’ve all been waiting and on your grave we will be dancing and singing it’s finished now the bells are ringing take it with you don't leave it with me and you won’t let it out and we won’t live this down

05I Became the Ground

I am in it now not scratching the surface but pulling out the bone.

06Knob Creek Neat

By the time you come around I'll be gone I'm halfway there now the demons went to bed years ago but they're waking up now the streets are lined with windows and eyes and mine are blind and coated with ice and I can't even go home the place I know I'm dying slow.


I wish you'd take my worry as sweetness, Sweetness could this be the year I get my shit together get cleaned up, and get my head clear and I have a key and a code all your xoxoxo's are so sosososo we're climbing the charts on the backs of better men we'll grin and nod and secretly prey on them we are slick and cool, we are self righteous fools wiping down our knives as we slip into the night.


On the morning your soul left your body I was lying in the arms of someone temporary you were singing the sweetest voice was singing I was listening to my mother's tired heart at last rejoicing sing now.

09Auckland to Auckland

The funny thing is I wasn't even there when it happened I died on my floor three days ago caught up in myself white light black out wing up wing down on me now.


We're doing our best to do nothing at all we'll sit on our hands while they take the fall and we're the kind who call when they arrive and we're the kind that may never arrive but now and then we look half alive but now and then we turn out alright.

11Occam's Razor

I want a civilized love affair with you so tell me all your lies sell me all your lies.

About Risk

Recorded January/February 2010 at Electrokitty Recording in Seattle WA by Eric Corson.

Written by Daniel G. Harmann, Forrest Haskell, Kelly Dale, & Shea Bliss, Ozo Jaculewicz & Steve Toff.

Played by Daniel G. Harmann, Forrest Haskell, Kelly Dale, Shea Bliss, Eric Corson, Irene Barber, Anthony Carlucci, Anomie Belle, & Brandon Miller.

Produced & mixed by Eric Corson. Mastered by Gary Reynolds.

Layout & Design by Brian Jackson.


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