Daniel G. Harmann


The Books We Read Will Bury Us
01Last Swim of the Year

Signing on same as it ever was numbers the books we read will bury us and your indecisive eyes harbor truths that shelter me with August now behind better/worse than it's ever been we're bending we're breaking honestly this town took all worth taking with power corruption a singular vision wrapped in seduction listen to me: don't ever stop talking y heart explodes I'll heal your pain and kiss away your tears.


Bruce I heard you've never worked a day in your life that's alright honestly neither have I go ask my father go ask his tired hands look into his sleepy eyes it's always clear just where he stands & I know that they pushed him away in that cold winter of Seven & Three Nebraska's a much colder place than they ever planned for it to be gangly arms & barrel chest a forehead that stretches past our ears when I look at him I start to see the eyes of truth the hands of peace the modest ones are the strongest ones & something we all work to be & I know that they pushed you away In that cold winter of Seven & Three Nebraska's a much colder place than you ever planned for it to be but the workers deserve just as much deserve just as much as you and me there's always work to be done melting NE saving AZ.

03She Hears a Frequency

Plug it in turn it up drown out all our suffering I'm told it's far from me but I can feel it closing in listen to the man we're told will pull us out of darkness but we're firing the vessels that wash away our sin the more I have the less I want but less is more & our lives are short and our rates our locked in so now we're locked in and the bridge is up but we're too far down to notice the love we thought we'd spent the rope around our necks the stones in our pockets the only kind of freedom we'll beat them before we join them got a life now got a wife now I'm running on. (Outro written by Robert Kroehler)

04I've Turned to a Life of Crime

Twisted & bent truth broken now you will not tell anyone I knew this day would come when I turn to a life of crime when my only guilt comes from the fear of getting caught round round won't you come around these days I'm begging you to stay.

05Let's Drink this Town Dry

From the shores of Michigan we sped & headed west into the great unknown we'll meet old friends MN BM we'll kiss their heads & never let them go we'll raise our glasses high we'll drink this town dry we'll sing our last goodbyes until next time If "Our Weekend Starts on Wednesday..." then tell me friend, does this one have to end I'm the one song you can't rely on It fills your heart & then your head but in the end will slay you in your bed so pour us another round let's light this one on fire these suits won't fit forever let this one go never.


You're envious of me I'm envious of you all I need is normalcy a warmth to come home to listen my friend this will be the last time we ever speak.

About The Books We Read Will Bury Us

Recorded throughout 2005 & 2006 by Daniel G. Harmann at Pastoral Studios in Portland OR, & by Marcus Howard at Orangewood Studios in Mesa AZ.

Played by Daniel G. Harmann, Louis O’Callaghan, Marcus Howard, Corianton Hale, Bob Smolenski, Steven Toff & Alison Wesley.

Outro of She Hears a Frequency was written by Rob Kroehler.

Mixed by Marcus Howard.

Mastered by Chuckie Duff.

Cover photograph by Kimberly Kopeski. Layout & design by Daniel G. Harmann.


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